Video Blog: Augmented-reality Publications, Siri-like Bears May Participate For Holiday Gadget Sales
MW-BV102_toyfai_MD_20140221114913.jpg Here are a few of the videos and fascinating interactions we caught up with. Andria Cheng Follow her on Twitter @AndriaCheng MakerBot, a 3-D printer, attended Toy Fair for the first time, after joining the Customer Electronics Show for two straight years. Publishing your own games might be a huge thing this trip. Shai Goitein, creator of PowerUp, a smartphone-handled paper plane, increased $1.2 trillion on Kickstarter, more than double what the business decided to improve. An excitement model for your coming trip: WikiBear, featuring Siri-like technology. <br /><br />For the first edition including any supplementary photographs or video, visit []
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