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Abandoning Egypt: Travel Operators Report Further Declines

After doing some serious shopping, even if that just means window shopping, they recommend stopping by for a snack at Fonuts for gluten-free "fake-donuts," which they insist "taste better than the real thing." Fado, the soulful indigenous music of Portugal, has been performed "in the streets and taverns" for many years. More recently, an intimate restaurant called Sr. Fado has opened in Lisbon, where the owners work in the kitchen, preparing traditional dishes such as seafood stew, then emerge later in the evening to perform the haunting songs of loss and love on the viola de fado and the 12-string Portuguese guitar. The editors also recommend brew pubs in Portland, Ore.; jazz on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans ("the locals' Bourbon Street"); lobster suppers on Prince Edward Island; ice skating on the canals of the Netherlands; shoe shopping in Milan; Neapolitan pizza in Naples; and sandboarding in the United Arab Emirates. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit,0,4254046.story

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Travel on Motorway

Although no one can disagree with imposing fines on those who violate the traffic rules, it is also a fact that this practice of imposing fines on the drivers, as well as on the pedestrians, has also failed to decrease such traffic violations; rather such traffic violations seem to be on the rise with every passing day. So, imposing fines on such violations of traffic rules is not a solution. In order to resolve the issue once and for all, I would like to put forth three suggestions. Firstly, the NHA is required to construct service lanes on both sides of the motorway for the conveience of people residing on both sides of it, enabling them to travel in local transport vehicles alongside the motorway. Secondly, the NHA should construct mini-interchanges at short distances in major towns and villages which, on the one hand, will facilitate the travelling of the local people on motorway and, on the other hand, it will also earn a sizable income for the government. Thirdly, instead of erecting, on both sides of the motorway, barbed steel wire which has already been stolen and is torn everywhere, the authorities concerned should construct just a five-foot-high wall on both sides. This will not only help in discouraging traffic violations by pedestrians but will also help in preventing the entry of animals, thus minimising considerably the ratio of accidents. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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