San Blas Sailing: Best Vacations Ever !

By travelplus | Posted November 28, 2009 | san blas, Panama CNN PRODUCER NOTE Chartering a sail boat to san blas sailing: best vacations ever in one of the most beautiful spot of the Caribbean. The san blas sailing staff did a real great job: first they did warn us NOT TO USE the road but to FLY to san blas (see bad road experience of member Malfadas who DID INSIST in hiring a car in the rain season !!!). Then the 4 days cruise aboard the sailboat was just fabulous. Also all was included !! and we even did pay Mastercard! I really recommand to put your vacations budget in an official panamanian company like san blas sailing (many free lance boats with no guarantee do also offer their services). They can offer you catamaran and monohulls though we did prefer the sahred monohull Gardelin (great onwer/crew) call us for more about our san blas trip! <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Choosing a destination for sailing vacations

But, as sailing holidays involve the particular sea, not all the people will only do so without familiarizing themselves everything with regards to it and in addition all destinations and in addition enjoyment that sailing brings. Persons that are planning to conduct cruising holidays ought to be well familiar of exactly what to do through the course of the trip. It is actually a have to they tend to be educated with regards to their trips to guarantee which they might learn what to do when they usually are within the middle of the ocean. Before going to cruising vacations, individuals must conduct scientific studies first to familiarize themselves regarding the basics. People will likely acquire critical information from many Sites, books, magazines, and also inside attending a crash course on sailing. Specialists state that hands-on knowledge not to mention training regarding cruising holidays would certainly guarantee not merely the particular comfort during the course of the entire trip yet the safety associated with the persons as well. For those who don't come with sailing experience however however would are looking for to indulge back into cruising vacations, it happens to be best to take sailing lessons. Via a number of sailing classes, you'll include a great concept precisely what it is to be a sailor and even how to reside such as 1 with regard to a particular length of time. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

The Moorings: Best Sailing Vacations in the World!

20th, 2008|By James Rothaar Senior Staff Writer | JustLuxe Yacht Charter Vacations: Is it a cruise, a yacht charter, or both extravagantly rolled into an all-inclusive sailing vacation? Actually, the Crewed Yacht Vacations program by the Moorings offers travelers enticing choices that combine the utmost luxurious features of both with its innovative Sail-Away Stateroom program for travelers seeking a new twist. Technically, it is a cruise, but it is a highly personal affair on a yacht with a full crew. With a manifest that never exceeds 10 passengers, these unique "cruises" offer travelers nearly the same autonomy as chartering such a vessel. While occupying a stateroom instead of chartering an entire yacht is a great economic value, experiencing an eight-day cruise to such exotic and scenic destinations as Bora Bora, Seychelles, the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean would be priceless. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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