Ohio One Weekend, Sailing In 'paradise' The Following: Is Ivanka Trump Permanently On Vacation
article-2295240-18C301C2000005DC-898_634x651.jpg The 31-year-old, who never appears to stay put in her New York penthouse condo, tweeted a photo of an idyllic stretch of land next-to the clear, blue ocean, only captioned 'paradise'. The sunlit journey is just the most recent in a busy agenda of jet setting for the heiress, who generally shares photographs of her exciting whereabouts on her Twitter page. Always on getaway: The 31-year-old also tweeted pictures from her sailing vacation last week, including this adorable chance of her daughter Arabella Rose Apple of her dad's eye: Ivanka Trump described that Jesse dotes on his granddaughter, Arabella Rose, 'all the time' - but he would not know what to do if she started crying or needed her diaper changing The mom-of-one also posted a photo of her adorable 20-month-old daughter Arabella Rose beaming on what seems to be a yacht, the vivid blue sky in the background. <br /><br />For That initial edition including any supplementary photos or movie, visit [ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/report-2295240/Ohio-weekend-sailing-heaven-Is-Ivanka-Trump-completely-vacation.html]
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