Obama’s Holiday Ideas In Jeopardy
130808_barack_obama_vladimir_putin_ap_605.jpg Obamas headed to Coral Reef Senior School in the southern the main city for a meeting about education and the economy Fri, which first sweetheart Michelle Obama were expected to attend too. What hadnt been acknowledged was that the four were going to expand the trip to get a transient family escape, and that Obamas daughters were planning to include them. (Also on POLITICO: Poll: Obama authorization at record-low) The leader had planned in which to stay South Florida along with his family for the remainder of the weekend, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. <br /><br />For That initial edition including any ancillary photographs or video, visit [ http://www.politico.com/history/2014/03/barak-holiday-options-vladimir-putin-spain-104319.html]
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