No Offense, Honey, But I Can't Wait To Go On My Solo Parenting Vacation

Area hotels offer families special school vacation packages

That's sarcastic and I hate sarcasm, but it spills out when I'm being told how to do what I already do so well. I would feel worse about this, like it's just all me, except I have the advantage in my role as a family therapist of listening to others who have this same conflict — the clashing of parenting styles when it's vacation time. Typically, day-to-day parenting decisions are made by a primary caretaker parent (in our family, that's me) while the other parent is not involved in the minutia of daily life, and thankfully so. The exception is the family vacation, when both parents are fully available for every decision that needs to be made. Ugh. It can be painful and tedious. It's easy for wires to get crossed and toes to feel stepped on when parents are not used to operating together to make minute-to-minute decisions. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Vacation survey, holiday romance: What do women really want?

Book two rooms one for the parents and one for the kids and get half off that second room. The Family Vacation Getaway also includes milk and cookies each night and special childrens hours at the spas 60-foot indoor pool. The package is available from Monday to Feb. 23. (To book, call 617-439-7000 or go to The Superstar Kids Package at the Four Seasons Hotel (200 Boylston St.,) creates a staycation specifically geared toward pint-sized would-be celebrities. The experience starts at check-in, where kids get a pair of superstar sunglasses and get to choose a toy from the Toy Wagon. Also included: a star-studded play tent, breakfast at the Bristol Lounge with complimentary meals for kids from a special menu, the childs name written on the bathtub and shower and even fan mail. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

A quarter chose a one-on-one candlelit dinner. Rose petals on the bed or bathing suits and exposed skin scored low on the list of turn-ons. Close to 20 per cent of women said they would most want a beach vacation that doesnt break the bank from their partner for Valentines Day. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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