Loans For Farms Used For Vacation Homes

Taking Vacation Makes You Richer

Here are a few other issues to consider. Restricted land usage. Many lenders dont permit borrowers to change ranchland in a way that damages its ability to produce agricultural income, such as turning it into a golf course. Tricky appraisal process. Lenders will require an appraisal of the land before doling out loans, and appraisals may determine a lower valuation for the property than the price buyers agree to pay, says Howard Audsley, a farm and ranchland appraiser in Columbia, Mo.<br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

"Such a reluctance to take all of one's vacation is a sign of an intense, pressure filled workplace," said Monika Morrow, senior vice president with Right Management. "This is a trend that's grown during the recession and we may in fact have a new norm, which would be unfortunate." When they do take time off, 37% of Americans take less than a seven-day vacation, according to Good Infographics. "Vacations are crucial to staying prosperous because you are healthier, less likely to get burned out, more likely to come up with new ideas regarding your business, and it is likely that you will have more authentic relationships," said Kimberly Clouse, advisory board chair at Covestor, a registered investment adviser based in Boston. Unlike other developed countries, the United States has chosen not to mandate that employers provide vacation time, and the biggest culprits of the all-work, no-play mindset are often supervisors. "It's the boss who sets the example and sends the message, and if the boss won't take all their vacation time, then workers will pick up on that and may be inclined not to use all theirs," said Morrow. Those who opt out of their hard-won vacation time risk feeling overworked.<br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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