Golf Prize Money For Women Players At The 2014 Lpga Lotte Championship - Newark Sports |

That same amount of prize as last year. Winner - $255,000 The winner of the 2014 LPGA Lotte Championship will earn a very nice $255,000. That is the same amount of money Suzann Pettersen earned here with her playoff win in 2013.

‘Mini Masters’: Like golf, only smaller

(AFP/Jim Watson/Getty Images) If golfs not your thing, there are any number of ways to make it interesting: 18 shots for 18 holes! It sounds treacherous until you remember that golf moves very, very,very slowly. YouTube user Simon Connor has golfing made it possible to see the Masters played like its mini golf. Nothing ratchets up the suspense of going for par at a critical juncture like having to mind a bobbing mechanical gopher.

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