Forecasting An Optimistic Rise In The Popularity Of Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Catamaran Charters Vallarta Announces Scheduled Sailing Vacations

Because of the attractive beaches, crystal clear waters and numerous opportunities for activities such as swimming, sailing, snorkeling or beachcombing, it is easy to see why the Caribbean is the most appealing destination for virtually everyone in the US and the surrounding areas who may be considering a successful sailing cruise vacation. Based on extensive studies conducted over the past 5 years, the industrys entire growth has been headlined by the Caribbean waters, the numerous Caribbean sailing vacations being responsible for almost 42% of all of the cruise industrys itineraries in 2010 - the number continuing to remain close to the 40% mark throughout the following years as well. Another optimist forecast that Sopris Charters has especially emphasized was that the sailing environment in the Caribbean is also likely to improve in 2013, as well as the next two years, due to the improvements of the Economy and the steady additions of numerous improved onboard features that the new generation of ships are going to employ. Even though this is still based on cautious optimism for now, due to the fact that the global economy is still suffering as a result of past events, there is a great chance that a larger number of highly engaging and appealing Caribbean sailing vacations will appear on the horizon, featuring new additions and facilities that are likely to improve the Caribbean cruising market and sailing industry as a whole. Todays ships offer a remarkable array of possibilities for a successful cruise, both in the case of daytime and overnight cruising trips. Also, longer Caribbean vacations aboard highly advanced sailing yachts which feature private cabins, showers and bathtubs, as well as many other quality facilities, seem to be the preferred choice for tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the Caribbean waters this year. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Catamaran Charters Vallarta clients requested an all-inclusive, catamaran charter sailing vacation on a scheduled basis so they could plan a sailing adventure ahead of time. Catamaran Charters Vallarta is pleased to announce the first scheduled, 4-day sailing vacation for sailors and non-sailors alike. Humu Humu sleeps 6 people in 3 queen staterooms, perfect for 3 couples or a family adventure. All three cabins must be booked as dual occupancy in order to offer this price*. Picture this: the itinerary begins at the Paradise Village marina and heads north on a sunset sail with cocktails and appetizers followed by dinner. Humu Humu anchors in La Cruz, a sheltered harbor for the night. On Saturday, breakfast is on board while under sail to Las Marietas Marine Preserve for snorkeling and exploring. An afternoon of sailing ends in Punta de Mita, a luxury destination at the northern most tip of the bay and our anchor for the night. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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