China Set To Elevate Environment Over Development In New Law | Reuters

"Now we can close and confiscate them. It's an important right." It will also set up a more comprehensive range of punishments, putting an end to a maximum fine system that allowed enterprises to continue polluting once they had paid a one-off fee normally much lower than the cost of compliance. Cao said the final draft was also likely to impose an "ecological red line" that will declare certain protected regions off-limits to polluting industry, though detailed definitions are likely to come later. The legislation also proposes to formalize a system by which local cadres are assessed according to their record on pollution issues, including meeting emissions targets. Experts have welcomed commitments to improve transparency and compel polluters to provide comprehensive and real-time emissions data.

CBO lowers estimate of health care law costs

The government will pay out $1.84 trillion through 2024 for health exchanges and subsidies, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program and tax credits for small employers. But the budget office expects $456 billion in penalty payments from those who do not have health insurance as well as excise taxes on high-premium insurance plans, income taxes for those who make more than $200,000 a year, and payroll taxes that come from changes in employer coverage. CBO officials attributed the changes in projections to changes in the law, the Supreme Court decision not to require states to expand Medicaid, administrative actions, new information, improvements to modeling methods, and lower projected health care costs for the federal government defense lawyer and the private health sector. While CBO considered only insurance provisions for the Affordable Care Act for slips and falls this report, the office concludes that other pieces of the law will further bring costs down. The CBO estimated that silver plan premiums are about $3,800 this year, and they expect it to rise "slightly" in 2015 to about $3,900. After that, they expect average premiums on silver plans to go up to $4,400 in 2016 and $6,900 in 2024about 6% per year from 2016 to 2014.

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