Carnival Cruise Lines Particulars Come Back To Norfolk
article-carnival-0214.jpg Orient) — Carnival Cruise Lines will sail two- to seven-night cruises, including a weeklong Bermuda travel, from Norfolk in 2015. The news comes a bit over two weeks after the brand revealed after pulling out of Norfolk midway through a year ago it would be time for the slot. Circus will go back to the dock May 2015 using the 3,006-passenger Carnival Splendor, which will function as greatest vessel the brand has ever handled from Norfolk. Schedule choices will include: A two-night cruise departing May 16, 2015; Three five-night Bahamas cruises calling on Nassau and Freeport, departing May 11 and 18, and October 12, 2015; A six-night Bahamas sailing ending at Half-Moon Cay, Nassau and Freeport, departing October 17, 2015; And a seven-night Bermuda cruise having a three-day trip to the nation, departing October 23, 2015. For the remaining of 2015, Carnival Elegance may cruise seasonally from Ny (April to October) and Miami (November to April 2016). —By Dori Saltzman, News Editor <br /><br />For That original edition including any ancillary photographs or movie, visit []
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