Bullish On Bitcoin: These Travel Companies Want Your Virtual Money | mark Chesnut

These are a few cruise ship of the travel- and sports-related companies that accept Bitcoin: Costa Rica Travel Market: After first hearing about Bitcoin, Monica McIntyre — director of Costa Rica Travel Market, an online marketplace for Costa Rica hotel deals — became "fascinated," she said, "by the idea of a payment method that would allow us to reduce transaction fees from an average of five percent to one percent." Coming from Latin American economies, where you get paid for credit card transactions up to 30 days later, where you pay up to seven percent for credit payment transactions and where the bureaucracy of banking obstructs business operations, Bitcoin seemed like the perfect alternative to the tilted payment systems institutionalized in the real world. CheapAir.com: The travel Website CheapAir.com is another business that has has found the Bitcoin concept promising. "The idea [to begin using the currency] originated when a customer asked one of our travel advisers if we accept Bitcoin," said Jeff Klee, the CEO of CheapAir.com.

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Conway said he scored a $20 credit on his Uber account every time a friend or family member signed up using his referral code. After five people signed up, Conway told "Nightline" he had enough credit for a free trip in a private car from a New York City hotel in midtown to LaGuardia Airport, a savings of around $70. Conway also uses autoslash.com for rental cars.

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