$3000 A Night In Sick Bay: Cruise Ship Passengers Not At All Times Covered By Medicare
cruise_ship_5.JPG"It does not matter whether or not it's anything fleeting, when you get sick you've to pay for. I was informed that without travel insurance it would charge me $3000 a night to stay in the ship's sick bay." Mrs Barrett's case was raised by European Sydney MP Laurie Ferguson in national parliament on Monday. He explained the federal government website gave"no clue" that passengers were not insured by the health system. "The DFAT website suggests that folks are lined," he said. <br /><br />For Your initial model including any extra pictures or video, visit [ http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-information/3000-a-night-in-ill-bay-cruise-ship-guests-not-usually-covered-by-medicare-20140322-35a24.html]
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